14 October 2008


There was no time between work and the CBC Radio Studio One Book Club with Margaret Atwood to stop at home, and so in keeping with the subject of her latest book, I increased my debt to local small businesses by dining at international megacorporation Starbucks: a Tall Decaf Extra Hot Pumpkin Spice Latte, No Whip, and a Reduced Fat Chicken Bruschetta Sandwich. Evil as it may or may not be, the sandwiches and salads at Starbucks are often delicious. This particular one, however, was not.


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    The Coming Depression!

  2. do you pay by the letter at Starbucks? I think I've ordered dinner for six with less verbiage than your sammich and coffee.

  3. For the price I pay, I want to consume as many descriptors as possible.


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