27 October 2008

Guilty Gourmet Veggie Wrap

I finally ate one of the burritos that's been collecting frost in my freezer. Technically: a Guiltless Gourmet microwaveable California Veggie Wrap -- "A delicious blend of carrots, zucchini, tofu and teriyaki sauce wrapped in a hand-rolled whole wheat tortilla." It sounds a lot better than it tastes. Does hand-rolling make things taste better? Is the burrito more fulfilling knowing that someone has a job where they stand there all day rolling tortilla after tortilla of tasteless veggie wraps? Does that make me feel like a Guiltless Gourmet? I'm pretty sure that I'm sorry that someone had to do that so that I could have this mediocre albeit convenient meal.

Also making an appearance in my belly this evening: a green pepper with blue cheese dip and a brown cow.

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