30 September 2008

Red Pepper & Tomato Soup

Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Soup from a carton: simple and warm and vaguely vegetable. Two bowls. Additionally: blue cheese with pear on rice crackers, again.

Later I "made" "flan," after realizing all I had to do was mix the packet with a litre of warm milk and bring to a boil. Even so, I somehow managed to almost set the kitchen on fire. It now smells like burnt caramel, which luckily smells delicious. The "flan de caheta," a product like instant pudding purchased from a Mexican grocery store during the Sasquatch music fest in Washington, is now setting in moulds (mini coffee mugs) in the fridge.

29 September 2008

Spinach Salad; Wendy's Fries

A ridiculously short time to spend at home before going out tonight; enough for a quick salad using yesterday's ingredients (minus the avocado). Also, a V8. I'm not usually this healthy; it's basically the result of starting to take a closer look at what I eat. I will fall off the wagon shortly. Eg. I also ate some Wendy's french fries, leftover from lunch.

28 September 2008

Produce! Cheese! ...Pita.

I went to the grocery store today. This means fresh produce and delicious cheeses.

Dinner sounded like a good idea: a whole wheat flax pita with spinach, peppercorn goat cheese, avocado, grape tomatoes and mushrooms. The goat cheese had to be doubled to combat the mushroominess, the dry cardboardy pita overwhelmed the produce and the subtle flavours of the avocados were lost. This would have been better off as a salad, maybe with the avocado on the side.

Additional (and more successful) side: Rosenborg Blue Cheese with Pear on rice crackers.

Potluck Risotto

I went to a potluck for a friend's birthday last night; knowing my abilities in the kitchen, it was politely suggested that I just bring some wine. Dinner was chorizo and portobello mushroom risotto, a spinach, dill and craisin salad and apple crumble with vanilla ice cream. And Copper Moon Shiraz.

27 September 2008

Pizza Wonton

Dinner was split in two: between work and catching a ride out to the Corn Maze in Surrey, a slice of pizza and a tall extra hot pumpkin spice latte, no whip. Post-Corn Maze, wonton soup at a crappy Chinese restaurant on Main Street.

25 September 2008

Kidney Bean and Yam Stew with Cubed Oranges

For dinner this evening: a rather impressive start to the blog, with Kidney Bean and Yam Stew with Cubed Oranges. ...yeah, I didn't make this. It is a recipe from Bal Arneson's upcoming Everyday Indian cookbook, and what I ate was the leftovers from the book's photo shoot last weekend. Photo by Tracey Kusiewicz.

The laziest cook in the world

Inspired by other daily food blogs, I have decided to keep a blog of what I eat for dinner every day. What makes this blog different is that, not only am I not a great cook, I am the laziest cook in the world. I actually don't cook at all. To be honest, I don't even know how I manage to refuel day after day, barely setting foot in my kitchen.

My cooklessness is a great source of shame, surrounded as I am not only by Food Network-obsessed foodie friends, but also coworkers--I work for, of all things, a cookbook company. Indeed, my shelves are lined with cookbooks that I have had a hand in creating, and yet after two and a half years not one recipe has made the great trek from their pages to my stove. It is my great hope that this will all change, and the change begins here.

I expect that for a while it will be embarrassing to list what I have eaten every night for dinner, but it is my hope that it will also be enlightening, and inspire me to, at least once in a while, venture into my cupboards and refrigerator if for no other reason than to make this blog more interesting.
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